“Life is a journey and our living space should always wrap us in exactly who we are, where we are going and what we need.”

Welcome to Crony & Lore. My name is Radhika Malhotra and I am the founder of Crony & Lore, where we together will create your personal living space, mirroring who you are today and the path you have chosen to take for the future. Crony & Lore is about being authentic, appreciative and hands-on; it’s about honouring ourselves and as a result honouring our living space that does not only have the purpose of living in, but the purpose of truly being ourselves.

You are asking what is behind the name? It’s true, it’s rarely used these days – ‘Crony’ is a long-time close friend or companion and ‘Lore’ are all the facts and traditions about a particular subject, that have been accumulated over time through education or experience.

I am a freelance consultant for fifteen years now and truly believe, that to be able to support individuals, who are sometimes so different in their personality, lifestyle, demand, you first need to listen with thoughtfulness and have empathy. To understand somebody’s life, environment, profession or business, you need to understand first who the person is. Combining this with a high education and wide and long-term experience on a specific subject, does not only satisfy the client, but gives me the certainty of a real contribution.

At Crony & Lore we simply do what I truly believe in – We listen first, we ask the right questions, get an understanding and offer then realistic and efficient solutions to choose from and moreover, are always there for a hands-on support.


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