The view

#ihavethisthingwithwindows The look, the view, the curiosity it piques, the scenes it has seen.

#dreambig ♡

The older we grow, the more it seems we stop ourselves from dreaming. Do we need to be brave today to be allowed to dream? Is limiting ourselves to small goals what is acceptable today? Dreaming big means creating possibilities and creating possibilities, means increasing the chances of creating what we truly desire. You think […]


Isn’t it the most wonderful that all can start with a dream and can lead to pleasure? If we are driven enough to reach out for our dreams, we can move forward on our path, draw confidence from each triumph, take pleasure in our abilities we nurture, the praise we earn, the dedication we show. […]

Stranger you

Oh, hello stranger! 🐾 An unexpected early morning companionship paired with a good old checkerboard flooring, how lovely is that!


Find your sanctuary and don’t let anything come between you and your desire for peace. #weekendmantra

Strong bonds

here are periods in life during which we cannot always enjoy each other’s company or share every aspect of our lives, nonetheless, we can always nurture the closeness that is important to us and ensure that our bond remains strong. #sendingloveyourway

Showtime darling!

★ Showtime darling! And rest assured, the ones who care, will shine light and stand next to you ♥︎


Bliss is as individual as each one of us is, bliss is this truly honest snapshot of ourselves, bliss is this funny feeling within the belly, bliss is the moment of perfect happiness. Create your bliss, allow your bliss to happen and damn, live it with all you have.


Green conquering concrete, hidden gems and summer nights in the middle of our cities ❁


Let’s take the hat off, bath in the light and just be.


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