A day at the beach – Finding colours for a men’s bathroom

By Radhika Malhotra - Crony & Lore

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When it comes to the percentage of ownership of residential apartments, people living actually within the apartment they own, Germany, Sweden and Switzerland are ranking in the European comparison last with less than 50%. Looking at Germany, Berlin has 15% only, the lowest within the country. There are various reasons for this, and when it comes to the creative part within our living space, we are clearly limited. Floors, heating, doors, windows, kitchen, bathrooms, tiles, normally all fixtures – These are things that in most cases simply cannot be touched or changed. What is left are walls, ceilings, lamps and all other movables.

I was at a friend’s apartment the other day and while we are actually collecting ideas on changing their bedroom, I feel that we should do the connecting bathroom at the same time. Thank god, the 60’s to 80’s are over, the time of green, red, pink, blue bathrooms. Oh, I forgot brown, also one of my favourites. Apartments renovated in the last ten years are mostly off-white dominated, which is a great advantage, but can look a little sterile.

Let’s jump into this and concentrate on the men today – We have a beginning 40’s couple, American and German, both creatives in their own field, joyful, a mix between free-spirit and settled at the same time. Happy owners to a little devilish dog, both very open minded and with an understanding on quality, seeking clear comfort and calmness in their private space.

The beach is clearly a great inspiration for them! I had a walk on a Koh Samui beach a while ago and I found all I needed in the pictures I took that time – Colours, surfaces, structures. When it comes to bathrooms, naturally, people tend to focus on the element water only, but combining it with the element of earth and air makes the twist. In their case I would decide between a slight mix of the last two options, not only reflecting the elements, but creating the atmosphere of stability, calmness, uplifting, depth. All items that should be placed within the bathroom should hold a mix of the various surfaces found at a beach– smooth, grainy, rough, all matt and shiny.

I have a clear vision in front of me on how to transform their bathroom and I am excited to share it with my two friends soon! Stay tune!


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