Books: Freunde von Freunden – Friends of Friends

By Radhika Malhotra - Crony & Lore

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Lately I had to replace my book shelving, as there was simply no space anymore and after ten years of serving well, it was time to get something that allows me a better usage and flexibility. Cleaning and rearranging all books, I excitedly stumbled over my all-time favourites and two of them are “Freunde Von Freunden: Berlin” and Freunde vin Freunden: Friends”.

Freunde von Freunden which means in English Friends of Friends ( is a Berlin company “…an international network of inspiring individuals from diverse creative and cultural backgrounds that we’ve had the pleasure to meet and collaborate with. Our website is a digital representation of a creative community brought together by a collective interest in art, urban living, food, mobility and design.”

In 2011 and 2014 they released two wonderful books. The first one presented 25 Berlin creatives in their workspaces and homes – Artists, photographers, shopkeepers, gallerists, entrepreneurs. The idea is to focus on the people itself in their private settings and create high authentic qualities. And indeed, you glimpse inside the life of these creatives and it simply feels real.

The book was a great success and three years later they released the second one, this time leaving Berlin and showing 40 creatives from around the world – Manila, New York, Tokyo, Amsterdam, Beirut Frankfurt, Stockholm etc. This time the workspaces and homes were accompanied by stunning city and nature photos, completing this very intimidate glimpse into their lives.

These two books belong to my favourites and I am happy to share them with you, because they are not only about interior, they are personal and authentic and give insights in an immense quality. A great gift to yourself and others.


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