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Books: Freunde von Freunden – Friends of Friends

Lately I had to replace my book shelving, as there was simply no space anymore and after ten years of serving well, it was time to get something that allows me a better usage and flexibility. Cleaning and rearranging all books, I excitedly stumbled over my all-time favourites and two of them are “Freunde Von […]

Reset the button and don’t forget to shake your bootie

There are daily chores none of us can run away from – Doing the laundry, vacuum, doing the dishes, mopping and so on. These are indeed ‘cleaning’ chores without any real fun factor and not worth it mentioning further. But let’s talk about a reset button, a fun factor, a conscious reflection, a me-time. I […]

The unmade bed and our own sexy sanctuary

There is something incredible sexy about an unmade bed, when the setting still holds the memory of passionate hours spent together. Being at home, we might fix up the bed shortly afterwards to ensure all is neat and back in order. For what to bother a memory, our lover hopefully will remain available. But when […]

Feel, ask, get into action – Decluttering and rearranging

I remember there was a year I was travelling a lot and I remember that one time I got home, I had this incredible urge to declutter the entire apartment, change the full setting, paint, fix, it was an endless list. If I only remember my cupboard mission, I remember a pain that lasted for […]

Let’s get clean baby – A simple guide to clearing our energy

Having a clean home is a basic need for us and we spend quite an amount of our free time scrubbing, dusting and mopping, making laundry, putting things back in place and while most of us are not too excited about this part, it does give us a certain satisfaction once it is done. But […]

A day at the beach – Finding colours for a men’s bathroom

When it comes to the percentage of ownership of residential apartments, people living actually within the apartment they own, Germany, Sweden and Switzerland are ranking in the European comparison last with less than 50%. Looking at Germany, Berlin has 15% only, the lowest within the country. There are various reasons for this, and when it […]


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