Reset the button and don’t forget to shake your bootie

By Radhika Malhotra - Crony & Lore

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There are daily chores none of us can run away from – Doing the laundry, vacuum, doing the dishes, mopping and so on. These are indeed ‘cleaning’ chores without any real fun factor and not worth it mentioning further. But let’s talk about a reset button, a fun factor, a conscious reflection, a me-time.

I am a person who fully enjoys having order, who indeed functions only properly with an order around me, but I am also a person who can create in just a few hours or days of creative work flow a great, really great chaos.

Since a long time now, I developed my personal, weekly, reset button. On a Saturday, I put in my earphones, I play my favourite music far too loud, I light up some incense sticks, and create not only a conscious moment with my space, but a reflection on my week that passed and all this by simply making order. I go from room to room and put all back where it belongs. I put the books back into the shelf and it might appear to me again, what was actually the important part to remember when I read it. I clear the night table, put some new flowers, straighten the bedding and it might appear to me that I did share the bed with my partner, but this was the only thing we shared that week. I rearrange the bathroom and I might feel that I need half an hour to soak in a bath and just pamper myself. I clear my desk, file away my papers and it might become clear that I achieved more that week, than I thought, giving me time to prioritise something I initially postponed. I straighten the sofa cushions and I might remember a conversation I had right there that week.

I am not rushing through my space, I take all the time I need, I allow my mind and my emotions to connect to it and to be present, this is about me. And there are moments that make me very thoughtful and even they might not be positive, it allows me to turn them into something positive, simply by the fact that I recognized them and know now how to take action. And there are moments that fill me suddenly with the great awareness of gratitude and there are moments that fill me with such bliss, that I can’t stop a little dance.

It might be 30 minutes, it might be an hour, but it allows me to press a reset button of the last seven days, an honest and conscious reset, a personal cleansing, maybe a relief, allowing me to be aware, allowing me freedom, a fresh start, clarity and energy for the next seven days to come.

Making order, doesn’t have to be a chore, making order can be my personal me-time.


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