The unmade bed and our own sexy sanctuary

By Radhika Malhotra - Crony & Lore

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There is something incredible sexy about an unmade bed, when the setting still holds the memory of passionate hours spent together. Being at home, we might fix up the bed shortly afterwards to ensure all is neat and back in order. For what to bother a memory, our lover hopefully will remain available. But when we are on a getaway, enjoying the time at a hotel, we tend to just let the bed be undone, enjoying the hours together and being ready for the next round or just a after midnight dinner in bed.

Asking myself the question why we behave so differently in other beds or if it is just the spirit of a getaway, I realized, no, we don’t need a foreign bed, we don’t need a getaway, we just need the right setting and being ourselves.

Let’s forget all the wise advices on how the perfect bedroom shall be and rather trust in ourselves. And trusting ourselves means to create all that makes us feel comfortable, at ease with ourselves and our surroundings and being fully present. For some it might be a perfect bedding, the softest bedsheets, a dimmed light, a tempting nightgown, a fresh scent, a clean and orderly surrounding. For others, it might their stash of books, open windows, the sounds of the city, their favourite rock band T-Shirt, a bunch of wild flowers. If this is who you are, what you crave for, it is totally what you shall ensure is there for you.

There are no rules, the only rule is, make yourself aware of who you are and what you want. If this awareness is reached, we are able to create our very own sanctuary, passionate, loving and laughing sanctuary, that allows us to fully share with our lover, who we are. Who cares about endless design and lighting guides, who cares about endless fabrics and scent lectures? And let’s be honest, who really enters your bedroom except of you? Isn’t it the most important to create a room that feels right to you, than a room that looks nice to others?

Just do as it feels right to you and enjoy your very own room, your very own bed, your lover and be yourself.


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