Feel, ask, get into action – Decluttering and rearranging

By Radhika Malhotra - Crony & Lore

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I remember there was a year I was travelling a lot and I remember that one time I got home, I had this incredible urge to declutter the entire apartment, change the full setting, paint, fix, it was an endless list. If I only remember my cupboard mission, I remember a pain that lasted for nearly six months. Getting rid of the old cupboards, measuring, planning the new one, going twice to the shop to order, getting it fixed up, sorting through the entire wardrobe, spending hours on the phone to find a charity to pick up 17 large bags of clothes and shoes, forgetting to buy the hangers and add light to the cupboard, recognising I have more shoes than I thought, a bunch of bedding and sheets I didn’t even know of. It was a pain, especially as I was dealing with the entire apartment.

But it was not a pain because of the mission itself, but because of the fact that I was actually so busy with my work and the limited time I had, I wanted to spend with family and friends, that I created a situation that became totally overwhelming.

What I learned from it, is very simple. Yes, trust your intuition. If you need a change, if you need decluttering, do it. Practically speaking I can only recommend following some simple rules here. Forget painting, buying, rearranging at first, this comes at the very last stage. If you are concentrating on one room, concentrate on areas of that room while taking care of these areas one by one. Don’t spend more than 2-4 hours at once. You will have areas of the room that will be done fast, others, especially ones that are emotionally connected, will take longer. The key is to finish the job in that one session. Remember, you have a job to go to, family and friends you want to see, an event you want to attend, a rest you have to take. There is no point in bringing yourself into a frustrated and overwhelmed stage, existing in a totally messed up space.

Once you decluttered the entire room, there is going to be an entire new picture you will see and which will be most likely very different from what you originally thought. You might just need a two storage boxes instead of a ten, you recognize now that the table you thought was far too big for the room, suddenly is just perfect and just needs to be moved a meter to the left, a new carpet would complement the look. You are not seeking for a staged room, perfectly arranged out of the catalogue, you are seeking to declutter and find an arrangement that works for you.

I am very happy with the final result and arrangement achieved in my apartment. But because I just blindly and with full speed ran into it, I forgot to ask myself the most important question – Why do I feel it is necessary now? If I would have asked myself this question in the very beginning and investing my time in finding the answer, I might could have had a very different and more conscious approach.

The bottom line is, if you understand from where a feeling or intuition is coming from, you will be able to get to action in a way, that truly can have a positive impact on your life and living arrangement.


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