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The view

#ihavethisthingwithwindows The look, the view, the curiosity it piques, the scenes it has seen.

#dreambig ♡

The older we grow, the more it seems we stop ourselves from dreaming. Do we need to be brave today...


Isn’t it the most wonderful that all can start with a dream and can lead to pleasure? If we are...

Stranger you

Oh, hello stranger! 🐾 An unexpected early morning companionship paired with a good old checkerboard flooring, how lovely is that!


Find your sanctuary and don’t let anything come between you and your desire for peace. #weekendmantra

Strong bonds

here are periods in life during which we cannot always enjoy each other’s company or share every aspect of our...

Showtime darling!

★ Showtime darling! And rest assured, the ones who care, will shine light and stand next to you ♥︎


Bliss is as individual as each one of us is, bliss is this truly honest snapshot of ourselves, bliss is...


Green conquering concrete, hidden gems and summer nights in the middle of our cities ❁


Let’s take the hat off, bath in the light and just be.

It feels right

It doesn’t always have to match perfectly, but it shall always feel right. Have a wonderful weekend!

Good Karma

★ Let’s walk through each day knowing that every intention we have and every action we take generates energy and...

Berlin Scheunenviertel

Never getting tired of wandering Berlin’s backyards…it is going to be a #beautifulday. We call it Scheunenviertel, the barn quarter,...

Caring for each other

Good morning, be kissed by the sun and may your day be filled with love! ♡ We simply believe in...


We sometimes rush through life, people and places and forget how important it is to stand still and feel what...

Life is beautiful

The beauty of awareness of this very present moment, is the decision to participate in the richness of life, to...


✱ everything starts with a white canvas, it is on us to decide how brave we are ✱⠀

Early mornings

An early morning walk and all the glorious colours and shades are there – inspiring!

Table setting

The beauty of setting a table is the beauty of sharing, talking, connecting and bonding ♡ who is joining you...

Mornings like these

Mornings like these – Taking in the quietness, feeling even a little bit devotional, but surely very grateful. A mind...

New moon

♥︎ A wonderful night to so simply let go of what shall no longer be part of us and at...

Camden town

In the mood for blue on a calm, early morning in Camden town. Blue carrying trust, loyalty, confidence, depth and...

Be who you are

And yes, of course you can be playful, can be adventurous, can be eccentric, can be weird, just enjoy with...


When the colours give us the calmness on reflection, when the view reminds us that our personal growth is limitless,...

At home

There are these rooms we enter that tell us softly to make ourselves at home and these are the rooms...

Friday feels

Getting in touch with all that makes us feel alive, doing the things that let us remember how much we...

A walk

I love these walks which quiet your mind and once you stand still you are amazed by all these beautiful...

Linen heaven

100% European linen heaven! 👼

Trust the universe

There are moments in life we need to make the choice to open our minds and be willing to receive...

50’s office phone

Stepping out of the bustle of modern demands – ☎ 50’s German bureau office phone, how I missed this dial...

How we feel

✱ It is not about what we see, but how it makes us feel ✱


❤︎ Love this atmosphere of a seemingly hidden room filled with intimate light. Great balance of colours and natural materials.


colours ♡ forms ♡ materials ♡ surfaces ♡ a moment to stop in astonishment.

Being grounded

Being grounded allows us to quiet our inner dialogue, to be aware of this very moment and to open channels...


#kindnessismagic A brief hello, a weather forecast, a thought that came to mind, a feeling that was to be written...

Happy weekend

Find the right spot and community to lay back and recharge, and if it just for a brief moment soaking...

Social responsibility

Exceedingly strong and durable, smooth and naturally beautiful – 🌳 Our oak cutting boards from Berlin’s forest, #madewithlove and #socialresponsibility...

Eye catcher

Placing a 60’s Sanyo fan on a rustic wooden work desk, makes it the right eye catcher and so in...

Linen collection

#madeinberlin, our exclusive #linencollection – Find your very own unique composition.

Cash register

‘National’ antique cash register from Germany – No brass glamour, no ornaments, no eye-catcher at first sight – Simply solid...




❤️ Sunday morning! Sun, colours, surfaces, inspiration! 🌞

You got this

There are these moments it is difficult to find the answer, make the decision, and then suddenly I read in...


I love the spaces where memory meets comfort and both are turned into new, vivid inspiration – My favourite Bombay...


#inspirationeveryday, creating the moment vision and mind can freely wander 🚶🏽‍♂️

Can’t ask for more

Days wrapped in blue, sun casting vivid shadows, a room filled with inspiration and clarity. #cantaskformore

Pure pleasure

Softness, roughness, textures, layers, uniqueness, it never feels like work, but #purepleasure ❤️


Unexpected delight – We all deserve a splash of colour in life! ☂️💕

Glorious light

Yes! This #gloriouslight on an early morning is simply the best start into the day. 🌞 Wishing you a #wonderfulweekend...

It’s dinner time darling

A set dinner table, a love message left.

Lean back

Lean back and make yourself comfortable my dear! Vintage style armchair with a vivid rough-textured linen, a wonderful standalone piece...

Be who you are

Pause. Breathe. Feel yourself. Gain clarity. Walk the path you chose. You don’t need an outside place to pause, create...


Breathe deeply in, breathe deeply out.

Cuddle up

#cuddleup and don’t forget the #kissing! So many different ways to create the very bedroom atmosphere you desire. Combining natural...

Wonderful day

#morningsun 🌞 – Let it tingle your skin, let it fuel your energy, let it make you smile. Wishing you...

Morning sun

Step out on your balcony, on your terrace or just open the window wide, let the sun tingle your skin...


Smooth and cool to touch, strong and durable in it’s properties – ❤️


Let’s not hide them in dusty card boxes, but embrace the moments and memories which are part of us and...

All around us

When you are looking for colours and atmosphere inspiration and it is all around you 🌻


Weathered window shutters 🦋 – #sunkissed and still #beautiful 🌞


#smile for a reason, smile for no reason, just smile a #truesmile


We are in love with softness, roughness, textures, layers, the perfect imperfect. #madeinberlin, our exclusive #linencollection


It’s a Monday morning, and we shouldn’t forget that every day we should find a calm moment to just lay...

Monday mantra

No chanting needed, but feeling it, seeing it and believing in it ❤️

Change of perspective

Anything well known and seemingly ordinary, can turn into something excitingly new, once the perspective is changed


Honest, loving, caring, selfless guidance, is a true enrichment to our lives, but also a wonderful contribution to others, isn’t...

Light it up

Just a few elements, but a great impact on look and atmosphere. And we are #soinlove with the whale lamp!


#noexcuses, weekend is here, let’s go and spend time at the very place that simply makes us happy

Me time

#metime can be anything, anywhere for any time given. #trustyourself and know when it is #yourtime

Your composition

#madeinberlin, our exclusive #linencollection – Find your very own unique composition.

Mix and match

Never be shy to mix and match, just enjoy the comfort it gives you – Handmade industrial desk lamp with...


To create something without feeling any limitations, is such a wonderful satisfaction. Let’s make sure we have these moments, where...

Our mothers

Our #love ❤️ goes out to all the wonderful #mothers which were and still are with us 🌏


#sendlove every single day ❤️

Home office

How do you feel about your #homeoffice? 👩🏻‍💻We figured that creating different stations for different purposes, gives this supporting energy...

Make your magic

#walkbarefoot ⭐️ #becreative ⭐️ #laughoutlood ⭐️ #spreadlove ⭐️ #findyourfire ⭐️ #livetothefullest ⭐️ #trusttheuniverse ⭐️ #makeyourmagic ⭐️ #liveyourtrueself ⭐️

Simply Berlin

#simplyberlin Mixed elements, vivid lights, never missing the splash of colour. #lovehome


#welovefridays 🎩 What more can we say?

This is summer

#thisissummer 🌞 Wonderful colours making you feel alive and smiling, curious, adventurous, strong and surely a little cheeky. 🚶🏻‍♀️#gooutandenjoy 🚶🏽‍♂️

Let’s live happiness

Being grateful for #everydaysbeauty, is so much more enriching, than sitting and craving for an idea of happiness. #letssimplylivehappiness, shouldn’t...


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