"Your living space should be your best friend,
your passionate affair and your true love."

“Your living space should be your best friend, the one who knows just everything about you, who takes you as who you are in all your facets, who gives you hope and motivates you. Your living space should be your passionate affair, the one with whom you dance through the night, filled with new ventures, excitement and freedom. Your living space should be your true love, the very one who makes you smile every morning, the very one who balances and protects you.”

Let’s create together a conscious relationship with your space, mirroring who you are today and the path you have chosen to take for the future.

We are asked which client we serve and we answer: “Life. Life in all facets it might bring.” A world-traveler, a student, an animal lover, a pensioner, an adventurer, a single, a visionary, a family, an entrepreneur – You start with the thought and feeling that your living space is simply not you and does not give you what you need or what you want. We will ask the right questions and give you guidance. Together we will create a true and authentic self of you not only to live in, but to be.

Choose between our two packages TEA OR COFFEE and LET’S GET DIRTY and contact us at any time with any question you might have.


We wouldn’t describe it necessarily as work, rather as a journey – We will start with an extensive questionnaire you would need to complete in advance. Don’t worry, at this stage both of us decided already to go on this journey together, and it’s time to make a very practical start. After we received your questionnaire back and have gone through in detail, we will understand where our starting point is and where we are heading to.

We will meet personally for a 90 minutes session at your place, diving into the details and walking together through your space. The route is mapped out and subsequent to our personal meeting we will prepare you your personal guide, summarising the highlights of our journey and up to three specific steps for you to take right away, consciously and self-determined.

The charges for TEA OR COFFEE are per room, start at 350 Euro and vary, depending on the actual room size, as we are often working with open space layouts, where one room may contain various areas and functions. Contact us and we will be happy to talk through and make you a personal offer.


This is the extension of TEA OR COFFEE and clearly hands-on. We will start the very same way, first the questionnaire and then the personal meeting, but we will skip your personal written guide and instead get dirty together.

After our first 90 minutes personal meeting where we went into details and walked through your space, we will visit you again, for a full day, which is eight hours and armed with my notes for this journey. Hands-on is our approach: Together we identify furniture, objects and accessories that might not serve you any longer and consciously will be removed to gain the experience of letting go. We identify all that is of real value to you personally and which serves you well in the future. We will change arrangements, move furniture and accessories around until it simply feels right to you. Together we will create the focal points for the purposes you need and discuss how you are able to continue this journey alone, while having gained a strong base.

While originally booking TEA OR COFFEE you might want to change on the way to LET’S GET DIRTY. This is not a problem at all, we will simply swap to LET’S GET DIRTY without you loosing anything in your original investment. Booking into LET’S GET DIRTY from the beginning, charges start at 700 Euro, again, it will depend on the actual room, as mentioned before. Just give us a call or drop us a line and we will be happy to talk through.


It does seem there are special times per year to get the mind set on decluttering life and space, adopting animals, returning home, preparing for holiday seasons, times per year for making babies, starting new jobs, moving houses and so on.

We do offer occasional specials, stay in touch with us, follow us on the media, or just check in from time to time for a personal chat, and we will be happy to keep you updated and jump right into what you need and want.


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